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Legal Counsellors

FAR EAST Legal Counsellor was originally established on 5th May 1982. It later became FAR EAST Legal Counsellors Company Limited under FAR EAST Professional Group which provides comprehensive legal services ranging from policy researcher, project creator, investment planner, business matching, advisor and Lawyer. Our Group comprises of the following;

  • Far East Innovative R&D Co., Ltd.

  • Socio-Economic Consultant Co., Ltd.

  • Suvarnabhumi Economic Cooporation Group Co., Ltd.

  • LMC Development Group Co., Ltd.

  • Far East Inter Professionals Co., Ltd.

  • Far East Accounting Co., Ltd.

  • Thai-AEC Capital Advisory Co., Ltd.

  • Asia Pacific Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

  • Far East Auditors Co., Ltd.

  • AEC Gold Co., Ltd.

  • Far East Legal Counsellors Co., Ltd.

  • Far East Legal Counsellors

  • Far East Attorney At Law Co., Ltd.

  • Far East Attorney At Law

  • Far East Legal and Asset Management Co., Ltd.

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