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Policy Researcher

      Providing services on the study and analysis of any potential overseas state regarding its strategy, policy, economic development plan, incentive measure or trade barrier utilizing as vital information for the business development of enterprise(s), both public and private, regarding its strategy and policy planning.

     Providing research services on economic, social, law, industry, finance, investment and marketing for both public and private sectors either domestic or international.


Project Creator

      Providing services on new investments under any potential domestic and overseas state’s strategy, policy, bilateral or multilateral agreement, incentive measure or trade barrier in line with expertise of any potential enterprise and conforming to strategy and policy as investing state(s) in order to enhance its development and expansion of business and the increase of competitiveness, including the advisory services on G to G and B to B project(s).


Investment Planner

      Providing services on investment planning & strategic solution, financial and tax planning, fund raising, business connection, as well as, JV, Consortium, Take Over, Merger & Amalgamation and Strategic Partner arrangements, including the planning for obtaining trade benefits from any potential domestic or overseas state in order to achieve its goal efficiently.


Business Matcher

      Providing services on business matching both domestic and overseas in order to, among parties, utilize full resources and capacities, support and fill potential gaps, strengthen bargaining powers & competitiveness and enhance business opportunities by way of arranging JV, Consortium, Take Over, Merger & Acquisition, Strategic Partner, Business Alliance, Legal Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence and Commercial Due Diligence.



      Providing comprehensive consultancy services on business, trade, investment, legal, accounting & tax, as well as, E Bidding, E Auction, Public Private Partnership – PPP, Concession under policies, measures, conventions, laws, rules, regulations, agreements and contracts which are applied to business activities and investments for appropriate and lawful conducts.

      Providing consultancy services on Notary Public certification, business registration, BOI Incentive application, Foreign Business License – FBL application, Representative Office – RO and International Headquarter - IHQ establishment, as well as, foreigner Work Permit and Visa application.



      Providing services on Negotiation & Mediation, Escrow Agent, Arbitration, as well as, Litigation by licensed Attorney at Laws on civil, criminal, administrative, tax, labor, intellectual property, Information technology, international trade, bankruptcy and reorganization throughout the country, including the Notarial Services Attorney for overseas used documents.

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